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Advance your skills and knowledge with a course from our online library. Courses are approved for nursing home administrators seeking continuing education and long-term care staff for in-service training. Courses are related to administrator functions and caring for the resident.

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 You have six months to complete course(s). Nursing home administrators can earn up to 20 hours of CE through web-based courses in two years. For each course, you must take and pass a test (at least 80%) to receive web-based learning CE credit. There are five test questions per hour. If you do not choose to receive CE credit, you do not have to take the test. However, you will NOT receive a certificate if you do not take and pass the test.

Regular Rate:  $50 per hour; Member Rate:  $30 per hour


  • Abuse and Neglect, 2 Patient Care
  • Addiction: Dealing with Actual, or Potential for, in Chronic Pain Management, 1 Patient Care
  • Building Caring Relationships: Working Toward Mutual Goals, 1 Patient Care
  • Chronic Pain: What Is It? How Does It Occur? What Can We Do About It?, 2.5 Patient Care
  • Communication and the Health Care Team, 1 Administrative
  • Conflict Management: Causes of Conflict and Approaches for Solving, .5 Administrative
  • Co-Occurrence of Depression with Medical and Psychiatric Illnesses, 1 Patient Care
  • Critical Thinking, 2 Administrative
  • Evidence-Based Leadership Success Strategies for All Levels of Nursing, 1 Administrative
  • Geriatric Emergencies, 1 Patient Care
  • Leadership Secrets: All the Best 8 Simple Steps, .5 Administrative
  • MRSA, HIV, Syphilis, Clostridium Difficile (C Diff): Infection Control/Bloodborne and Body Fluid Diseases, 1 Patient Care
  • Professional Demeanor, 2 Administrative
  • Performance Evaluation Tips, 1 Administrative
  • Putting Probiotics and Food Remedies into Practice, 1 Patient Care
  • Responding to Nursing Home Residents with Mental Health Issues, 1 Patient Care
  • The Hepatitis Group: Infection Control/Bloodborne and Body Fluid Diseases, 1 Patient Care
  • What’s this Thing Called Culture Change, 1 Patient Care