Wound Care Nurse

Cardinal Ritter Senior Services is looking for a Wound Care Nurse at our skilled nursing facility, Mary, Queen and Mother Center. This position monitors and cares for wounds to help residents heal as quickly as possible.

Duties & Responsibilities
• Provide care that will quickly and safely heal various types of wounds, including surgical openings, ulcers, bed sores,
feeding tube sites, and abscesses.
• Access the wounds (with oversight by RN and/or MD), create and implement treatment plans, monitor infections and
signs of various infections, and clean wounds.
• Thoroughly clean and analyze wound and develop a treatment plan and start the healing process.
• Continually monitor the wound for signs of infection.
• Provide preventive advice to reduce the prevalence of bedsores.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

Experience & Education
• Must be able to perform duties with minimal direction from the DON/ADON.
• Experience or completion of an accredited wound care program.
• An associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

CRSS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

• Dental, Health Insurance, Tuition Reimbursement
• 403b
• Pension 401a

Apply at Cardinal Ritter Senior Services, 7601 Watson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63119 or submit resume online to HR@crssstl.org

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