Direct and render nursing care to residents
Direct and supervise the day-to-day functions of nursing assistants and other staff being supervised.
Order from pharmacy, prepare and administer medications as ordered by physician.
Visit all assigned residents at regular intervals during tour of duty.
Supervise feeding of residents as necessary.
Notify physician, resident or responsible party when residents’ conditions warrant.
Perform administrative duties such as the documenting of: nurses notes, doctors orders, discharge plans, dietary changes, reports, evaluations, studies, billing and other charge slips, miscellaneous forms, charts, resident assessments and care plans.
Chart pertinent facts and information in a professional and comprehensive manner.
Admit, transfer and discharge residents according to policy.
Recognize and respond to changes in residents’ condition and document observations, assessments, notifications, interventions and outcomes.
Conduct and/or monitor prescribed treatments such as; dressing changes, finger stick blood glucose readings, drawing of blood, catheter insertion/changes, IV insertion/removal, feeding tube insertion/removal, lab work, etc…
Perform emergency procedures such as CPR/Heimlich Maneuver, and in the event of death, notify family, coroner (if applicable) and funeral home.
Recognize, intervene and report accidents and incidents when they occur.
Communicate all pertinent resident information to unit staff at beginning of tour of duty and to oncoming nursing staff at end of tour of duty.
Supervise and participate in fire safety and other disaster drills, and be prepared to carry out duties in the event of actual fire or disaster.
Assist with orientation, instruction and supervision of other nursing personnel as assigned.
Be able to keep adequate records.
Able to take emergency call.
Follow established safety and infection control procedures.
Participates in all required inservice training.
Maintains safe working conditions and follows dress code.
Reports to supervisor all complaints and grievances made by residents, families and visiting individuals.
Adheres to and promotes Code of Conduct.
All other duties as assigned.

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