Eligibility for classification of the Registered Nurse or Registered Nurse Senior on the Missouri State Merit Register. Also requires appropriate licensure by the Missouri State Board of Nursing.

• Assess, organize, plan staff duties on assigned shift. Continually evaluate the care outcomes and monitor staff performance to assure appropriate care is administered according to the plan of care. Assess, evaluate, counsel employees performance in coordination with shift supervisor/unit manager.
• Make rounds with physicians, inform them of the status of patients and receive instructions on further care and treatment. Transcribe and implement physicians orders accurately.
• Give medications and treatments as prescribed by a physician. Deliver medication accurately and provide evidence of follow-up observation for effect, adverse reaction or incompatibilities. Push medication carts to the point of medication administration. Open/close medication bottles, punch out medications from bubble packed medication cards, etc.
• Perform a variety of nursing procedures according to acceptable standards of practice such as wound care, catheterizations, tracheal care, tube feedings, administering oxygen, etc. which may require bending at the waist, stooping, crouching, reaching with arms in order to empty catheter, provide dressing changes, etc. Perform finger pinching and grasping for IV therapies, portacath access, etc. Push/pull treatment carts, perform treatments which may require awkward positions, i.e., supporting resident while they are lying on their side and administering a cream medication to affected area, etc.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $23.72 to $27.56 /hour

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