Eligibility for classification of the Registered Nurse or Registered Nurse Senior on the Missouri State Merit Register. Also requires appropriate licensure by the Missouri State Board of Nursing.
• Demonstrate knowledge of all care key factors. Identify daily the residents who are at high risk for negative outcomes in key factors on the unit assigned and communicate to staff at all levels.
• Take and record temperature, pulse, respirations, blood pressure, etc.
• Make rounds with physicians, inform them of the status of patients and receive instructions on further care and treatment. Transcribe and implement physicians orders accurately.
• Follow established policies and procedures. Document all nursing assessments, interventions and evaluations.
• Give medications and treatments as prescribed by a physician. Deliver medication accurately and provide evidence of follow-up observation for effect, adverse reaction or incompatibilities. Push medication carts to the point of medication administration. Open/close medication bottles, punch out medications from bubble packed medication cards, etc.

Apply in person at 2400 Veterans Memorial Drive
Cape Girardeau MO, 63701
Or call 5739864061 to set up an Interview


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