– Uses the Nursing process of assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation to determine and respond to resident needs in a holistic manner.
– Supervises, instructs, and assists, Certified Medication Technicians (CMTs) and Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) in the care of their assigned residents, ensuring appropriate care is being provided. This includes maintaining current assignment sheets to caregivers.
– Promotes the individualized and maximum care level for each resident, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
– Supervises and/or administers prescribed medications and treatments according to physician orders, MQMC policy and procedures, and the Nurse Practice Act.
– Observes residents reactions to medications and treatments, and records and reports reaction, and other significant incidents to Nursing Supervisor, resident’s physician, and responsible party. Documents this information in the resident’s chart and on the 24 Hour Report.
– Coach, Mentor, and or Develop CNAs and CMTs as necessary to maintain a positive cohesive team environment that delivers high Quality Care to all Residents.
– Conducts multiple Rounds to ensure that all staff is performing their work assignments in accordance with acceptable Nursing Standards. This includes monitoring and managing Resident Call Lights Response Times.
– Utilizes Matrix System to ensure Nursing Practices are compliant with State and Federal Guidelines. This is to include but not limited to the following daily review: Open Events, Dashboard, and Facility Report.
– Interfaces in a positive and professional manner with all departments within CRSS and maintaining Positive employee morale.
– Completes employee performance appraisals on designated Due Date for Staff directly supervised.
– Reports immediately to the DON and Administrator if there is Abuse & Neglect of a Resident.
– Responsible for ensuring staff follows HR policies and procedures.
– Gives a complete, accurate report about residents to the next shift.
– Assists in completing the Minimum Data Set (MDS) in a timely manner, utilizing the information for individualized care plans by attending resident care conferences as scheduled.
– Maintains the medical record, documenting all pertinent and routine information, i.e., change in condition, monthly summaries, Medicare notation, physician visits, skin conditions, cognitive status, etc.
– Makes Rounds with physicians noting changes in resident status. Completes all required documentation and physician orders according to policies and procedures.
– Completes all duties necessary for the care of the resident, i.e., labs, xrays, pharmacy requisitions, and consulting with other departments and other personnel or professionals as needed.
– Assists in the delivery and feeding of residents during meals, ensuring that each resident is properly fed.
– Completes Incident Reports as needed for residents, staff, or visitors. Follows through with notification of physician and responsible party in a timely manner.
– Notifies the responsible party in the event of a change in resident’s condition, Incident Reports, adverse reactions to medication or treatment, lab or xray permissions, consult permissions, transfers, discharges, changes in orders, or death.
– Secures and makes provisions for the proper care, use, storage, and billing of supplies and equipment.
– Assists in orienting and teaching new staff.
– Provides performance counseling and evaluations in cooperation with the Nursing Supervisor and according to policies and procedures.
– Maintains professional growth and development by participating in inservices, seminars, workshops, and professional organizations.
– Maintains communication between shifts by verbal, written, or taped reports. Communicates to the Nursing Supervisor any unusual incidents or changes in condition involving residents, families, visitors, or staff.
– Performs all duties in a professional manner, showing kindness, consideration, and cooperation in regards to residents, families, visitors, and staff.
– Starts IVs (must be IV Certified) and may monitor IV fluids and site once started by an IV Certified Nurse.
– Maintains the Nursing Communication log.
– Completes new admissions/transfers in a timely manner (verifies physician orders, fax prescriptions to pharmacy, notifies appropriate departments of arrival of new resident, and makes appropriate documentation notes).
– Destroys unused medications according to procedure.
– Responsible for ensuring staff follows HR Policies and Procedures.
– Performs other duties as assigned.

– Must be currently licensed and qualified as a practical nurse in the State of Missouri.
– Knowledge in the proper use of equipment necessary to fulfill physician’s orders and facility policies.
– Must possess a specialized interest and experience in geriatrics and Nursing care of the chronically ill and convalescent adults.
– Must possess a knowledge or regulations governing extended care facilities.

– Must be flexible and tolerant in circumstances as they arise.
– Must be able to assume responsibility, supervise, and delegate duties in a fair and organized manner.
– Must be organized, tactful, courteous, and possess good communication skills.
– Must maintain confidentiality with all pertinent resident care information to assure residents rights are protected.
– Must be willing to advocate resident rights to ensure fair and equitable treatment, self determinations, individuality, privacy, property and civil rights, and the right to wage a grievance.
– Must set an example for staff in regards to promptness, manner, professionalism, dress/appearance, demeanor, safety, cooperation, customer service, Nursing Service, etc.
– Must be able to perform the physical/mental functions/requirements of the position.

Requires interaction with residents, staff, physicians, families, and visitors on a daily basis.

Responsible for the supervision of non-licensed Nursing personnel on assigned shift, and the care of 30+ residents.

To Apply:

7601 Watson Rd.; www.cardinalritterseniiorservcies@crssstl.org; hr@crssstl.org; fax (314) 961-1934

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