LPN Charge Nurse

1. Responsible for the supervision, assessment, implementation, and evaluation of all Nursing care.
2. Coordinates Nursing care within the framework of the physician’s diagnosis and plan for treatment and care.
3. Assesses and evaluates the Nursing care. Assists Charge Nurses in defining realistic goals in the individual resident’s Nursing careplan.
4. Assesses and visits daily all residents who are ill, newly admitted, or exhibit a change in condition.
5. Assists with coordination of Nursing Service and other departments.
6. Reviews work schedules to ensure the Nursing Department is adequately covered at all times, and work is performed in a timely manner. Responsible for staff replacement when needed to provide sufficient coverage for all shifts. Assigns staff to designated work areas according to their competence and preparation.
7. Interviews potential employees for positions of Charge Nurse, Certified Medication Technician (CMT), and Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA).
8. Assists in orienting, teaching, counseling, evaluating, and motivating Nursing personnel.
9. Conducts employee evaluations in a timely manner as directed by the Director of Nursing (DON). Completes and presents evaluations of Nurses. Reviews evaluations of CMTs and CNAs.
10. Schedules staff for in-services.
11. Coach, Mentor, and or Develop CNAs and CMTs as necessary to maintain a positive cohesive team environment that delivers high Quality Care to all Residents.
12. Conducts multiple Rounds to ensure that all staff is performing their work assignments in accordance with acceptable Nursing Standards. This includes monitoring and managing Resident Call Lights Response Times.
13. Utilizes Matrix System to ensure Nursing Practices are compliant with State and Federal Guidelines. This is to include but not limited to the following daily review: Open Events, Dashboard, and Facility Report.
14. Interfaces in a positive and professional manner with all departments within CRSS and maintaining Positive employee morale.
15. Completes employee performance appraisals on designated Due Date for Staff directly supervised.
16. Reports immediately to the DON and Administrator if there is Abuse & Neglect of a Resident.
17. Responsible for ensuring staff follows HR policies and procedures.
18. Participates in departmental meetings and serves on committees as requested.
19. Assists with the activities of the Medical Director, staff physicians, and medical consultants while ensuring follow-through of their orders.
20. Meets with the DON regarding residents’ conditions, staffing, personnel situations, equipment and supply needs, policies and procedures, etc. Notifies the on-call Nurse and/or the DON of any unusual incidents and starts the investigation process (e.g., elopements, or intentional acts of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of residents’ property, etc.).
21. Supervises and assists with emergencies and employee problems.
22. Functions in any Nursing capacity as necessary to meet the needs of the residents.
23. Maintains emergency equipment and medications by daily inspection.
24. Routinely reviews medical records to ensure completeness.
25. Responsible for care and well-being of residents and Nursing staff, e.g., monitoring of meals, bathing, and grooming of residents, employee injuries/accidents, etc.
26. Reviews regularly the Disaster Manual to be prepared in the event of emergency situations.
27. Receives end-of-shift report from Charge Nurses and passes on the required information to the following shift Supervisor via tape or verbally. Shift report will contain changes in condition, changes in orders, physician visits, presence of IV fluids infusing, resident or family problems, maintenance matters, new admits, transfers, hospital admits, LOA, discharges, deaths, etc.
28. Maintains communication with other Nursing Supervisors through daily reports, change of shift reports, and departmental meetings.
29. Schedules and documents regular staff meetings to discuss problems, concerns, procedures, and to convey information.
30. Participates in professional meetings to keep abreast of developments in gerontology and Nursing procedures.
31. Ensures that the responsible party is notified in the event of death, change in condition, need for xray or lab work, transfers, Incident Reports, etc.
32. Reviews Incident Reports and initials before passing on to the ADON.
33. Assists in the disposition of resident’s personal belongings in the case of transfer or discharge. Secures resident’s room, notes transfer or discharge on the communication board.
34. Attends family conferences as directed.
35. Starts and monitors IV fluids, when needed, and assists with insertion of NGT, GT, foley catheters, etc.
36. Responsible for medication included in the stat kit and emergency box. Documents and reorders medications according to facility policy.
37. Completes and signs the 24 Hour Report for the designated shift and ensures the Daily Census Report on clipboard in Supervisor’s office is kept up to date.
38. Routinely assesses residents’ conditions, monitors residents’ clinical environment and supervises staff performance to ensure that State and Federal regulations are met.
39. Assists in sending residents to hospitals, clinic appointments, doctor appointments, etc.
40. Completes weekly compliance rounds and ensures that follow-up is completed when necessary.
41. Ensures resident and staff equipment is cleaned and maintained, notifying House-keeping, Central Supply, or Maintenance as needed.
42. Assists with re-capping and ensures the change-over is completed in a timely manner.
43. Day Supervisor attends daily morning stand-up meeting to keep informed of new admissions and room changes.
44. Ensures medications are properly destroyed.
45. Assists with completion of Minimum Data Set (MDS) as needed.
46. Responsible for ensuring staff follows HR Policies and Procedures.
47. Performs other duties as assigned.

1. A graduate of a professional Nursing program with current Missouri license.
2. At least two (2) years experience in a geriatric setting.
3. Knowledge of State and Federal regulations governing extended care facilities.

1. Interest in geriatrics and Nursing care of the chronically ill and convalescent resident necessary.
2. Must have potential to assume responsibilities.
3. Must be tactful, courteous, and patient in dealing with staff, residents, families, physicians, etc.
4. Must possess responsibility, initiative, leadership, and creativity in developing Nursing care.
5. Must be in good emotional and physical health.
6. Must be adaptable and flexible to meet the needs of all shifts.
7. Must possess adequate communication skills to interact with employees, physicians, residents, families, and visitors. Able to assess and accurately meet the needs of these persons by referring them to the appropriate authority.
8. Must be able to handle and maintain confidential information.
9. Must be able to prioritize work.
10. Must be able to set an example for Nursing personnel in regards to promptness, manner, dress, appearance, demeanor, safety, cooperation, Nursing practice, etc.
11. Must promote the philosophy of CCSLC.
12. Must be able to perform the essential physical/mental functions of this position.

(Describe type, frequency and complexity of relationships required for incumbent to accomplish job responsibilities.)
Requires interaction with residents, staff, visitors, physicians, and families on a daily basis.

Responsible for Nursing care personnel at MQMC and oversees Nursing personnel at MOPHR during the evening and night shifts. Responsible for 240-320 residents.

To apply: 7601 Watson Rd.; hr@crssstl.org; www.cardinalritterseniorservices@crssstl.org; fax (314( 961-1934.

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