We are seeking an individual with excellent clinical skills, as well as great communication with Veterans and families and the ability to lead or manage a handful of C.N.As while they are on shift. Our LPNs both pass meds and charge. We are looking for individuals who have the compassion and skills both to care for our American Hero’s who have served for us and given us all the freedoms we know and love today.

Looking to fill Evening & Night shift (day shift is internal promotion to)
Nurses run 40 hours a week in a 2 (12’s) and 2 (8’s) schedule with two days off together during the week and every other weekend.

State Employee Benefits
3 weeks paid vacation per year
3 weeks paid sick leave per year
Health, Vision & Dental Insurance
Short/Long Term Disability
Life Insurance
Full Retirement Benefits

To apply: email resume to Kristen.smith@mvc.dps.mo.gov
or call Kristen Smith at 573-265-3271 ext 223
applications also available in person at
620 N Jefferson St
St. James, MO 65559

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