Functions as a Level I Medication Aide for CRSS Assisted Living Facilities. Administers and documents medications by all routes except for intramuscular and subcutaneous injections, with the exception of insulin. Assist residents who are functionally, physically and or socially impaired and need 24 hour protective oversight and assist residents with activities of daily living, housekeeping and cleaning duties. All responsibilities will be conducted in a manner that is consistent with the philosophy of Cardinal Ritter Senior Service.

1. Prepares, administers, and documents medications by all routes, except those given by the parental route (with the exception of insulin) in compliance with all State and Federal regulations.
2. Responsible for performing blood sugar testing and administering insulin as ordered.
3. Observes, reports, and records response of the resident to medications.
4. Identifies and implements responsibilities associated with control and storage of medications as well as reordering.
5. Maintains an accurate account of controlled substances.
6. Administers specified treatments and records.
7. Administer oxygen by nasal cannula as needed.
8. Maintains safe, clean environment and careful use of supplies and equipment.
9. Assists residents with bathing and personal hygiene (shaving, oral hygiene, nail care, hair care and foot care (except for diabetics); mobility devices (canes, walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, including monitoring safe self transfer and ambulation and care of all activities of daily living devices (eyeglasses, hearing aids)
10. Attends staff meetings and in-services as required
11. Assists residents with activities of daily living as needed while encouraging the resident’s independence and freedom of choice.
12. Performs housekeeping tasks such as vacuuming, emptying trash, room cleaning, bed making, and bed/linen changes.
13. Assists residents with personal laundry as needed.
14. Ensures resident’s participation at meal times.
15. Observes and reports changes in resident’s physical condition and cognitive/ emotional status to the RCC.
16. Conducts room checks and resident rounds.
17. Monitors for environmental safety hazards.
18. Provides and promotes customer service for residents, staff, and visitors.
19. Demonstrates an appreciation of the heritage, values, and wisdom of the residents and an understanding of the aging process.
20. Performs other duties as assigned.

(Briefly list academic, licensing, or previous work experience required for success in the position.)
1. Must have successfully completed the Level I Medication Aide Training Program for the state of Missouri consisting of a minimum of sixteen hours of integrated formal instruction and practice sessions supervised by an approved instructor.
2. Must have successfully completed or be willing to complete the Insulin Administration Training Program.
3. Must have current CPR certification or be willing to obtain CPR certification.
4. Be familiar with fire and disaster procedures.
5. Participate in fire and disaster drills as required.
6. Must be able to perform duties with minimal direction from the Resident Care Coordinator.

(List specific job skills and/or personal qualities required of this position in relation to clients.)
1. Must be able to think, act, and intervene independently in both routine and emergency situations; must be self motivated and possess good judgment.
2. Utilizes tactful, diplomatic communication skills to interact in potentially sensitive or emotionally charged situation.
3. Able to perform duties with minimal direction from the Resident Care Coordinator.
4. Inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ, the mission of Cardinal Ritter Senior Services is to be a leader in providing an integrated continuum of quality social services, housing, residential care and health care services for the senior adult. This mission is accomplished in a nurturing environment that recognizes every person’s dignity and provides security, advocacy, and independence. Works in accord with the values , LOVE, COMPASSION, HOPE, INTEGRITY

(Describe type, frequency and complexity of relationships required for incumbent to accomplish job responsibilities.)
Interacts with residents, families, physicians, RCC , and staff on a daily basis.

(List all quantifiable resources for which this position is accountable; e.g., budget dollars, number and types of employees supervised, number and types of clients served, or any other such similar information.)
Responsible for the care, safety, and well-being of the residents.

7601 Watson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63119
e-mail hr@crssstl.org
fax (314) 961-1934

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