Graduate Residency Placement Coordinator

The University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) College of Nursing invites applications for a
Part- Time Graduate Residency Placement Coordinator

UMSL is a premier public metropolitan university that attracts and encourages outstanding students and faculty to collaborate in learning and scholarship. The College of Nursing supports a growing research and scholarship enterprise that provides excellent opportunities for faculty and students to contribute to the advancement of nursing and health care. Collaboration with healthcare organizations and community partners support the generation, translation, dissemination, and application of knowledge to improve health outcomes. Our educational programs prepare future leaders for roles as clinicians, educators, and scientists. We are committed to faculty development that supports academic, professional and personal success.

Responsibilities of the Position:

The Graduate Residency Placement Coordinator will be responsible for the day to day coordination of residency placement for students in the DNP program. This individual will work with the DNP Program Director and the emphasis area coordinators in establishing residency placements for DNP and PGC students.

Essential Functions:

A. Work collaboratively to ensure students have appropriate residency placements and maintain corresponding documentation.

1. Identify potential residency sites and preceptors.
2. Verify preceptor credentials and manage preceptor files.
3. Coordinate development and tracking of preceptor agreements.
4. Work with CON Compliance Coordinator to establish and maintain any agency contracts.
5. Develop annual plan for residency placements needs for each new cohort of students in coordination with the emphasis area coordinators.
6. Coordinate with Emphasis Area Coordinators and other residency faculty to assign students to identified preceptors.
7. Communicates in writing with students about assigned preceptors and sites ideally at least 6 weeks before residency begins.
8. Track residency placements to ensure an array of clinical placements needed to meet certification requirements.
9. Maintain a residency placement database.

B. Responsible for residency documentation for students and preceptors.

1. Act as administrator for Typhon.
2. Enter new students in to the Typhon residency tracking system.
3. Work with CON Compliance Coordinator to verify student compliance with health background, and other requirements prior to start of clinical experience and provide documentation to site if needed.
4. Distributes end of the semester documentation of total number of student supervision hours to each preceptor.
5. Ensures preceptor/clinical site evaluations have been distributed and reviewed.
6. Maintains database of preceptor/clinical site evaluations in Typhon.


The successful candidate will possess the following qualifications:

1. Licensure as a registered nurse in Missouri prior to employment.
2. Three or more years of experience as a registered nurse.
3. Strong interpersonal skills and cultural competence.
4. Ability to work with a diverse group of students, colleagues and community members.
5. Strong organizational skills.
6. Ability to work independently and within a team.


1. Experience in ambulatory care settings.
2. Experience as a nurse practitioner.

To apply: Select the Faculty tab in the middle of the page, follow the directions and look for Graduate Residency Placement Coordinator Job ID 28751.

Applicants must combine all application materials (cover letter, resume, and list of three references with contact information) into one PDF or Microsoft Word document and upload as a resume attachment. Limit document name to 50 characters. Maximum size limit is 11MB. Do not include special characters (e.g., /, &, %, etc.).

For general questions about how applicants apply, please call (314) 516-5381.

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