Facility Advisory Nurse II/Facility Surveyor II

Conduct surveys, licensure inspections, complaint investigations and other activities as assigned and in accordance with federal and state policies and procedures.
• Communicate information, both verbally and in writing, in a manner that is understandable, legible, professional, courteous, respectful and consistent with regulatory requirements.
• Actively and effectively participating in processes as a team member by attending any scheduled team meetings, assuming a fair share of the workload, and presenting relevant information necessary to identify regulatory violations and determine compliance as a team.
• Accept on-call duty as assigned on weekends and holidays on a rotating basis which may require a visit to a facility to investigate a high priority complaint during the on-call time.
• Ensure deficiencies cited are based on facts, include more than one source of evidence whenever possible, organized in chronological order according to the event occurrence and clearly support the regulation cited.
• Respect the dignity and privacy of facility residents by introducing oneself; obtaining permission before entering a resident’s private space; using respectful language in reference to residents and personally intervening with staff practice during personal care and treatments only the resident is at risk of harm.

To apply: Send DHSS application, resume, college transcripts and cover letter to Michael.ponder@health.mo.gov


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