Director of Nursing

Job Summary: The Director of Nursing’s primary function is to assist the Director of Nursing Services in the supervision of nursing practices, policies, and staff regarding resident care. In addition, this position is responsible for implementing quality assessment and assurance policies.

Essential Functions / Duties:
• Screen residents at hospitals for admission to the health care facility, upon request or as directed; review new admissions.
• Follow facility admission, discharge or transfer procedures; oversee and/or handle specific duties of the admission process for residents in assigned unit or as needed/directed; communi¬cate resident admission, discharge or transfer to other departments, physicians, and ancillary service providers.
• Insure that MDS Assessments for residents are completed.
• Attend care plan meetings; update resident care needs and assist in the development of individualized plans of resident care per assigned unit or as needed/requested; evaluate resident care as related to individualized resident needs, family involvement, and the physician’s plan of care for the resident; make recommendations for special programs.
• Schedule charting reviews.
• Insure staff in assigned unit is made aware of any changes or interventions regarding residents, policies or procedures; make sure nurses are notifying doctors when blood sugars/vitals of residents are out of parameters.
• Assist doctor(s) with rounds per assigned unit and/or as needed or requested.
• Manage IV orders and flow sheets; request labs.
• Monitor baths and BMs for residents in assigned unit; insure linens are changed.
• Insure monthly summaries on Long Term Care residents are written.
• Responsible for pharmacy requests, dietician requests, and incident investigation for the north unit.
• Manage the Coumadin log/PT/INR on north unit, and responsible for antipsychotic tracking.
• Responsible for black box warnings on north unit.
• Manage and organize required Medicare documentation.
• Manage incident reports and conduct investigations.
• Develop management reports and follow through on special assignments as requested.
• Develop and adhere to Quality Assessment and Assurance Activity Schedule; follow-up on the status of quality assessment and assurance activities.
• Responsible for education and in-service for HC facility (scheduling and implementation).
• Interview and select candidates for nursing staff positions, as needed or directed; recommend the number and level of personnel to be employed to the Administrator.
• Counsel supervised nursing staff and recommend disci¬plinary action to the Administrator; participate in the employee evaluation process by providing information on the clinical performance of nursing assistants to the Administrator.
• Assign duties; establish standards for performance and customer service; fill-in as needed for call-ins, vacations, etc.
• Establish and maintain good relationships with hospital discharge coordinators and social service consultants; establish open lines of communication with consultants and consistently take follow-up action on recommendations.
• Monitor facility compliance with resident’s rights, with state/federal and local regulations as well as identify problems, and report them to the Administrator and/or take corrective action.
• Responsible for infection control processes and procedures; track and trend infections in the facility, provide education to staff and residents.
• Work with the Administrator to develop and implement nursing service objectives, performance standards of nursing practice for each category of nursing personnel, and nursing policies and procedures.
• Attend staff meetings, in service classes, and committee meetings as assigned; complete report for facility committees.
• Listen to resident, family, or physician concerns and initiate corrective action and/or report concerns to the Administrator.
• Comply with federal, state, and company policies, procedures, and regulations.
• Operate computers programmed with software needed to record, store, and analyze resident information; operate copy/fax/printer machines to send documents and produce documents.
• Must be able to work any shift as directed by the Director of Nursing Services.
• Perform other related duties as directed by the Director of Nursing Services.

Please refer to the Physical and Other Requirements section for abilities that are essential as they relate to the ability to do duties listed above.

Education and Experiences: Must have a Nursing Degree from an accredited college or university. Prior experience in a similar working environment is preferred, but not a requirement of the position. This position requires an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or RN (Registered Nurse) in the state of Missouri.

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