Eligibility for classification of Certified Nursing Assistant II on the Missouri State Merit Register and must currently posses certification as a nursing assistant and medication technician.
• Administer medication utilizing acceptable standards of practice.
• Demonstrate accuracy of medication delivery and evidence of follow-up observations for effect, adverse reaction or incompatibilities. Push medication carts to point of administration. Open and close medication bottles and punch out bubble packs.
• Attend to individual needs of residents which may include but is not limited to assistance with grooming, bathing/showering, oral hygiene, delivery and set up of food trays, feeding, incontinent care, toileting, colostomy care, prosthetic appliances, repositioning, transferring, ambulation, range of motion, communicating, or other needs in keeping with the individual’s care requirements.
• Transport residents to and from their room, dining room, recreational room, and elsewhere as required.

Apply in person at 2400 Veteran Memorial Drive

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