Charge Nurses (LPN & RN) Prefer at least 2 years of full time nursing experience with IV Certification.

Assesses needs of residents and ensures services are consistent with needs, promotes high quality care, supervises and coordinates activities of nursing personnel designated to specified wing/unit. Assess, organize, plan staff duties on assigned shift.  Continually evaluate the care outcomes and monitor staff performance to assure appropriate care is administered according to the plan of care.  Assess, evaluate, counsel employees performance in coordination with shift supervisor/unit manager. Make rounds with physicians, inform them of the status of patients and receive instructions on further care and treatment.  Transcribe and implement physicians orders accurately. Give medications and treatments as prescribed by a physician.  Deliver medication accurately and provide evidence of follow-up observation for effect, adverse reaction or incompatibilities. Perform a variety of nursing procedures according to acceptable standards of practice such as wound care, catheterizations, tracheal care, tube feedings, administering oxygen, etc.


How to apply:   Send resume to David Slover, HR Manager  (by fax at 314-340-2780), send resume by email to David Slover, HR Manager (, or come in to facility and complete an Employment Application.

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