Certified Nursing Assistants

1. Administers nursing care to residents based on the plan of care and under the direct supervision of charge personnel.
2. Reports to Charge nurse at the beginning of the shift for assignment and report.
3. Performs and assists residents with personal activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing (in appropriate clothing), toileting, nail care (except for diabetics), hair care, skin care, oral care, periodontal care, shaving, and communication.
4. Assists resident to meals and monitors food and fluid intake.
5. Performs only those functions that are permitted within the role of a CNA.
6. Conducts frequent Hall Rounds to ensure that all Residents Care Needs are being met. This includes monitoring and managing Resident Call Lights Response Times.
7. Interfaces in a positive and professional manner with all departments within CRSS and participate in having positive employee morale.
8. Reports immediately to the DON and Administrator if there is Abuse & Neglect of a Resident.
9. Works Assigned Hall and does not vacate Hall for any reason without Charge Nurse or Supervisory approval.
10. Communicates with Charge Nurse or Supervisor prior to taking breaks.
11. Performs proper transfer techniques using a gait belt or mechanical device. Operates equipment in the correct manner.,i.e.,Hoyer lift, Bed scale, Shower chairs, Geri chairs, Stand up lifts, and various wheelchairs.
12. Organizes work to utilize time properly by identifying priorities, planning, and working with co-workers, while completing work in an efficient manner and maintaining the resident at the highest level of functioning for as long as possible.
13. Maintains good housekeeping standards in residents’ rooms and work areas.
14. Answers all Call Lights promptly.
15. Ensures resident safety by making routine rounds and ensuring that at least one CNA is on the hall at all times. CNA should sign out when leaving division for break or meals.
16. Report to charge personnel anything out of the ordinary immediately, i.e., change in condition, vital signs, poor appetite, change in mental or physical status, falls, injuries, emesis, etc.
17. Helps to meet the emotional needs of the resident, e.g., talking and listening to residents.
18. Promote activities/exercise for residents by walking, getting residents involved in activities, etc.
19. Be familiar with the emergency procedures of the facility, including fire and evacuation, tornado/storm, and search for missing resident.
20. Know where the disaster manual is located for reference.
21. Performs vital signs accurately.
22. Responsible for the whereabouts of assigned residents throughout the shift; who are not signed out.
23. Follows the nursing policies and procedures and the philosophy of care of Cardinal Ritter Senior Services. Attends in-services and staff meetings as scheduled in order to obtain 12 mandatory education hours annually.
24. Performs cleaning duties as assigned.
25. Performs other duties as assigned.

1. Must have completed the State of Missouri Certified Nurse Assistant training program and be in good standing in the State of Missouri.
2. Must have current CPR Certification or be willing to become CPR certified.

1. Must have good interpersonal communications skills.
2. Must be genuinely interested in working with the Senior Adults.
3. Must be able to maintain confidentiality, loyalty, integrity, and dignity and be tactful and patient.
4. Must possess personal qualities that demonstrate the ability to care for others, i.e., sensitivity, patience, honesty, cheerfulness, willingness, reliability, positive attitude, and observation skills.
5. Must have initiative and use good judgement in recognizing symptoms indicative of a resident’s change in condition.
6. Must be neat and clean in personal appearance and grooming.


Must interact with residents, staff, and family members on a daily basis.

Responsible for the care, safety, well being of approximately 80 residents.

Apply: hr@crssstl.org; www.cardinalritterseniorservices@crssstl.org. 7601 Watson Rd. , St. Louis, MO 63119; fax (314) 961-1934

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