C.M.T (3p-11p)

Job Summary: The Nursing Assistant’s primary function is to provide basic patient care to help residents with activities of daily living. This position will perform duties such as bathe, dress, and move residents as directed or needed. As a CMT, this position will administer medications as directed and chart reactions toward the medications.

Essential Functions / Duties:
• Provide direct resident care as assigned, to assist with daily living activities, and perform nursing care as noted below:
o Take mail to resident.
o Take meal tray to resident.
o Conduct security checks and provide first aide assistance.
o Answer call lights within designated timeframe.
o Help resident get to and from places such as his/her apartment to dining room, activity room, beauty shop, etc.
o Give baths or showers to residents.
o Complete oral hygiene and toileting.
o Assist with dressing the resident.
o Pamper resident if asked (i.e. converse with resident, play cards, take a walk).
• Conduct resident rounds daily and complete charting on residents.
• Check on sick residents periodically.
• Provide assistance in catered/assisted living dining room.
• Responsible for the safety of residents under his/her supervision.
• Participate in facility continuing education programs as required.
• Follow facility procedures for admission, discharge, and transfer of residents.
• Listen to resident, family, or physician concerns and initiate corrective action and/or report concerns to Nursing Director.
• Operate hydration cart and provide to residents as scheduled or requested.
• Must be able to work any shift as directed by the Nursing Director.
• Comply with federal, state, and company policies, procedures, and regulations.
• Operate computers programmed with software needed to record, store, and analyze resident information; operate copy/fax/printer machines to send documents and produce documents.
• Perform other related duties as directed by the Nursing Director.

CMT specific:
• Set-up medication regimen for the resident who requires assistance.
• Order specified medications for residents.
• Conduct blood sugar checks.
• Administer medication to residents.

Please refer to the Physical and Other Requirements section for abilities that are essential as they relate to the ability to do duties listed above.

Education and Experiences: Prior experience in a similar working environment is preferred, but not a requirement of the position. This position requires a certificate as a Nurse Aide and Medical Technician in the State of Missouri and to be listed as a Nurse Aide and Medical Technician in the State of Missouri Registry.

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