65th Annual Long-Term Care Convention

Date(s) - 04/10/2018 - 04/12/2018
All Day
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Keynote Speakers:

  • David Farrell, Creating a Patient Safety Chain
  • V’Ann Luedke Giuffre and Jan Nelson, Dementia Live!
  • Damon Parker, Building Meaningful Connections: Relationships Generate Results!

David Farrell, Creating a Patient Safety Chain
David Farrell, M.S.W., L.N.H.A., is a licensed nursing home administrator who has spent his entire career in the long-term care profession. Mr. Farrell started as a certified nursing assistant to earn extra money while attending college. This experience inspired him to pursue a Master’s degree in Social Work with a concentration in Gerontology and Administration from Boston College. In the 30 years that David served as a Nursing Home Administrator and Regional Director of Operations, David consistently implemented patient-centered care using quality improvement practices. David is a published author and former member of the Board of Directors at the Pioneer Network. David’s book, “Meeting the Leadership Challenge in LTC: What You Do Matters!” co-authored with Barbara Frank and Cathie Brady, has received widespread acclaim. Currently, David is the Vice President for Subacute Services for Telecare Corporation.

David’s keynote will focus on his insights and stories of his experiences leading transformational change in struggling inner-city nursing homes. David presents a person-centered approach to leadership that offers practical strategies that engage the staff, improve care, and achieve high customer satisfaction. Bundles of changes that were effective will be highlighted.  Attendees will be inspired by his personal journal that highlights specific examples of changes that helped to turn low performing nursing homes around.

V’Ann Luedke Giuffre and Jan Nelson, Dementia Live!
Participants will have an opportunity for an up close and personal look at what life might be like with dementia. This hands-on immersion experience will challenge and transform your understanding and empathy to new levels of awareness. Dementia LIVE will be offered continuously through the conference in the exhibit hall. You must sign-up at the Dementia Live booth to schedule your experience.

A “wrap-up” Dementia Live session will be offered on April 11 at 1 p.m.  Share your thoughts and “ah ha” moments about your Dementia Live experience. Learn new tools of empowerment to improve communications and care processes, and understanding how this tool can be integrated as a powerful foundation for person-centered care practices.

Damon Parker, Building Meaningful Connections: Relationships Generate Results!
Coach Damon Parker presents a fresh outlook on goal attainment, problem solving, and interpersonal connections. Damon coaches his audiences through perhaps the most valuable life skill that exists, helping audience members learn to develop meaningful connections with everyone in their lives. His entertaining and motivational message connects with people on both a personal and team level and provides tools that can be immediately implemented in the workplace.

When you understand what’s driving the behaviors of the people in your life, it becomes much easier to meet their needs. When you can meet their needs, you build connections. When you build meaningful connections, you can change the trajectory of a life. And if you change the trajectory of just one life, you have changed the world.

Coach Parker’s presentation on building meaningful connections helps all audience members learn to cultivate positive relationships with their colleagues, because relationships generate results! The audience will receive tools that can be immediately implemented to identify and retain quality staff members despite the adversity of increased regulations found in the adult care industry.


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