Web-Based Learning

Online Training


Call the MLN office to register, 573-635-5355.

You have six months to complete course(s)
Nursing home administrators can earn up to 20 hours of CE through web-based courses in two years.


For each course, you must take and pass a test (at least 75%) to receive web-based learning CE credit. There are five test questions per hour. If you do not choose to receive CE credit, you do not have to take the test. However, you will NOT receive a certificate if you do not take and pass the test.  Directions regarding the test and how to redeem your CE certificate will be emailed to you after you have registered for the course(s).
Courses in bold below are in video format. Must have a video player to view.
Courses are approved for NHA clock hours.  Certificates of attendance will be awarded for all other disciplines.

Regular Rate:  $50 per hour; Member Rate:  $30 per hour

Click here to download a registration form.

Abuse and Neglect (1.5 PC hrs)
Basics of MDS Billing (Video/Audio Format – 1.5 A hrs)
Bloodborne Pathogens (Video/Audio Format – 1 PC hr)
Building Caring Relationships: Working Toward Mutual Goals (1 A hr)
Chronic Pain (2.5 PC)
Clostridium Difficile Management in Long Term Care (1 PC hr)
Communication and the Health Care Team (1 A hr)
Competent Thinking for Nurses (1 A hr)
Conflict Management (A hr)
Creating Culture Change for People Living With Dementia (Video/Audio Format – 1 PC hr)
Critical Thinking (2 A hrs)
Culture Change: Making a Difference (1 PC hr)
Death and Dying (2 PC hrs)
Delegation in Nursing Practice (1 contact hour only)
Delegation for Health Care Professionals (1 A hr)
Diabetes and Wound Care (Video/Audio Format – 1 PC hr)
Diabetes Overview: Putting It All Together (1 PC hr)
Diabetic Foot Complications (1 PC hr)
Ethics in Health Care Settings (2 A hrs)
Exploring the Most Frequently Cited Deficiencies (Video/Audio Format – 1 A hr)
Geriatric Emergencies (1 PC hr)
Grassroots Advocacy 101 (1 A hr)
Helping Patients Manage Their Pain (1 PC hr)
Infection Control: Cover It All (1 PC hr)
Infection Control Considerations for Wounds (Video/Audio Format – 1 PC hr)
Leadership Secrets: 8 Simple Steps (.5 A hrs.)
Managing Depression and Anxiety in the Elderly Resident (Video/Audio Format – 1.5 PC hrs)
Medication Errors (1 A hr)
Medications Used in the Treatment of Diabetes (1 PC hr)
Mental Health Issues (1 PC hr)
Pressure Ulcer Prevention (1 PC hr)
Pressure Ulcer Prevention Strategies According to CMS (Video/Audio Format – 1 PC hr)
Professional Demeanor (2 A hrs)
Putting Probiotics and Food Remedies Into Practice (1 PC hr)
* Promoting Better Health Through Prevention and Control of Diabetes (3 PC hrs)
Restraints Reconsidered (1 PC hr)
Stress, Your Brain, and What You Can Do About It (Video/Audio Format – 1 A hr)
Strokes and Heart Attacks: Time is Tissue (Video/Audio Format – 1 PC hr)
Teambuilding:  Making Your Chain Stronger (Video/Audio Format – 1.5 A hr)
The Basics of Diabetes (1 PC hr)
Unnecessary Medications: CMS Guidelines for Medication Management (Video/Audio Format – 1 A hr)
What to Do if You Get Sued (Video/Audio Format – 1 A hr)

* Please note: The three hour diabetes course is comprised of the three, one hour diabetes courses listed above (The Basics of Diabetes, Medications Used in the Treatment of Diabetes, and Diabetes Overview: Putting It All Together). You cannot receive CE hours for the 3-hour diabetes course AND any of the 1-hour diabetes courses. You may either register for the 1-hour courses individually or the 3-hour course (which includes all three 1-hour courses).
(Additional courses will be added throughout the year.)

Once you are registered, an MLN staff member will email you the link(s) to login to your web-based learning course(s).  Detailed instructions are included in the email for your convenience should you want to print them as a guide while taking your course(s).

In order to receive CE credit, you must receive a passing score of 75% or higher on the quiz. Once you have passed the quiz AND submitted the evaluation, you will have access to print your CE certificate at any time. For courses you view in audio/video format, the MLN will email you the evaluation and quiz for you to email for grading. Once the evaluation and quiz are received and a passing score is achieved, the MLN will email your CE certificate.

Approved for clock hours by the Missouri Board of Nursing Home Administrators through TA #044.