About Us

National League for Nursing Constituent Leagues

Mission Statement

The MLN advances the delivery of quality health care by nurses and other health care professionals through education, collaboration, and information.

Who We Are

The Missouri League for Nursing is a not-for-profit organization established in 1953 to support the delivery of quality health care by nurses and other health care providers through education, collaboration, and information. We are the leading organization for promoting quality health care through programs designed to meet members and health care professional’s continuing educational needs.  We are committed to  collaboration and networking with other professional organizations and coalitions across the state.  The Missouri League for Nursing is one of the top constituent leagues in the nation.

Core Values

Caring: MLN values acting with concern and consideration for the whole person. We believe the value of caring should be inherent in all actions of health care professionals. All organizational actions and activities are managed in a participative and person-centered manner, demonstrating an ability to understand the needs of others and a commitment to act in the best interest of all stakeholders.

Integrity: MLN consistently demonstrates open communication, fair decision making, and humility. Not only is doing the right thing how we do business, but our actions reveal our commitment to transparency.

Diversity: MLN embraces acceptance and respect of each individual and recognizes individual differences and uniqueness among ideas, values and varied characteristics and dimensions of human beings. Our culture promotes inclusivity.

Excellence: MLN is committed to continuous growth, improvement, and understanding. The status quo and mediocrity are not tolerated and transformation is supported. Through teamwork, the organization stays abreast of the latest trends and technology to meet dynamic needs of stakeholders.

Get Involved

As a member of the Missouri League for Nursing we invite you to become involved by signing up to be a speaker, workshop coordinator, committee member, or member of the Board of Directors.   Contact us for more information email.


Nina Bakke, Executive Director
Emily Mantle, Marketing & Communications Director
Joni Runyon, Executive Secretary

Board of Directors

Amy Townsend EdD, MSN, RN, President
Candice Brown, LNHA, President Elect
Peggy Neale-Lewis, RN, BA, CPHQ, Past President
Julie Bilyeu, RN, Treasurer
Gerry Walker, DHEd, MSN, RN, Northren Unit Chair
Theresia Metz, LNHA, Eastern Unit Chair
Martha Baker, PhD, RN, Southern Unit Chair

Unit Map

Call for Candidates